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Department of Outre-Mer

Capital of Guyana

The population of the city of Cayenne is 57 614 inhabitants on 1 January 2015 and its area is 23.60 km2, which makes it the smallest commune of the department. Its inhabitants are called the Cayennais (es). Urbanization now extends well beyond the limits of the city itself and the urban area of ​​Cayenne has 131 922 inhabitants in 2015, or half of the population of Guyana.

Mayor of Cayenne: Marie-Laure Phiner-Horth

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Below the map of CAYENNE, zoomable, with search topics by activity or by partner.

Timezone : UTC-3

University : Université de Guyane

places of interest : Place of Palmistes

From Paris, Fligth time 9 h 10 min 

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